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How To Reduce Risks For Mobile Workforces

 Thursday, November 11, 2021

 Insurance Thought Leadership

Insurance agents and adjustors are often away from their desks attending to customer needs and inquiries in the field. Typically, property insurance adjustors are some of the first on the scene after a natural disaster or personal property emergency.

Conditions on the ground are often less than ideal. Damaged structures, flood waters and violent weather can all threaten the safety of adjustors as they work to help customers file claims.

While adjusting is a required function of business. it creates risks for employee safety.

Insurance companies have provided training and planned for these situations by creating standard operating procedures and protocols to help keep employees safe. But the pandemic has caused an increase in employees working remotely, and, while at first this was viewed as a short-term necessity, in many cases it is now a permanent change.

When employees are not operating in an office or controlled environment, it is more difficult for businesses to manage the risks those workers invariably encounter. Further, it becomes increasingly more difficult to know when a worker needs emergency assistance.
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