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What Adjusters Need To Know at the Peak of Hurricane Season

 Thursday, September 22, 2022

 CLM Magazine

Recently, I hosted a training for inside adjusters, and the group consisted of around 20 seasoned claims professionals with an average tenure exceeding seven years. Most of these inside adjusters had spent at least a couple of years in the field, as well.

At the beginning of the training, I took a few moments to address the group, and when I started discussing digital tools, I noticed a glazed look come over their faces.

I realized I may have made assumptions about their depth of knowledge when it came to digital innovation in the insurance space, so I stopped and asked, ‘Are you all familiar with what digital transformation for claims means?’

Not a single person did. So, I zoomed out even further and asked, ‘Who has heard of Insurtech?’ Most everyone raised their hands, but when I asked if anyone could tell me what it meant, not one person could.

And therein lies the core issue of the problem: The left hand is not talking to the right. And when there is a lack of understanding, there is resistance to doing. We are well into CAT season already, so there is no better time to fine-tune and improve your claims process.
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