Cities with the Highest Insurance Fraud Incidence in 2023 (The Zebra)

Cities with the Highest Insurance Fraud Incidence in 2023

  Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 Source: The Zebra

Insurance fraud, a costly issue leading to an estimated $80 billion in losses annually, has been meticulously analyzed to identify the U.S. cities most plagued by this challenge. Utilizing data on white-collar crimes, state fraud laws, and scam call frequencies, The Zebra has highlighted the cities where residents are most impacted by insurance fraud activities. Atlanta, Georgia, stands out as the city most affected due to its high volume of scam calls and significant rate of white-collar crimes, compounded by Georgia’s minimal fraud-related legislation.

The study also spotlights Raleigh and Richmond, tying for second, each with distinct reasons for their rankings but similarly limited by state-level legal frameworks to combat fraud. Charlotte and Detroit share the fourth position, demonstrating considerable white-collar crime rates and experiencing a high number of scam calls. Other cities making the list include St. Louis, Virginia Beach, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Dallas, each with unique challenges ranging from scam call frequencies to the severity of white-collar crimes.

Texas’s Dallas, despite its high white-collar crime rate and scam call volume, stands out for having three anti-fraud laws, suggesting a more robust legislative approach to tackling insurance fraud compared to other cities on the list. The findings underscore the geographical disparities in insurance fraud prevalence and the varied effectiveness of state laws in addressing the issue.

The Zebra’s methodology involved analyzing data from the 50 most populous U.S. cities, underscoring the importance of vigilance and legal measures in mitigating insurance fraud’s impact. As insurance fraud continues to evolve, the study serves as a crucial resource for understanding and combating fraud in different locales.

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