Former Sheriff Settles Damages with Taxpayer Money After DUI Incident (CBS News)

Former Sheriff Settles Damages with Taxpayer Money After DUI Incident

  Monday, April 22nd, 2024 Source: CBS News

A former sheriff in Hennepin County utilized part of a substantial taxpayer-funded workers’ compensation settlement to cover expenses incurred from a 2021 accident involving a county-owned vehicle and a damaged guardrail. The settlement, finalized in November 2023, amounted to $240,000, out of which nearly $47,000 was allocated to reimburse the costs of the wrecked vehicle and the guardrail.

The accident occurred when the then-sheriff, reportedly under the influence, crashed the vehicle at a speed of 126 miles per hour, resulting in significant damages valued at over $47,000. The costs covered included $40,961.69 for the SUV and $6,351.07 for the guardrail, deducted directly from the settlement.

In addition to these financial revelations, current Hennepin County Sheriff Dawanna Witt, along with six other current and former employees, initiated a lawsuit alleging a toxic workplace environment perpetuated by the former sheriff. The allegations include creating a climate of fear and fostering discriminatory behavior. Hennepin County representatives have responded, asserting that they have diligently addressed these concerns and took appropriate actions once informed of the claims.

The former sheriff did not seek reelection and concluded his term last year. Attempts to contact him for comments have been unsuccessful.

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