Overcoming Obsolescence Anxiety in the Digital Era (Risk & Insurance)

Overcoming Obsolescence Anxiety in the Digital Era

  Monday, January 29th, 2024 Source: Risk & Insurance

The fear of becoming obsolete in a fast-paced digital world is a growing concern among professionals. This issue will be a key focus at the CPCU Society’s In2Leadership event, scheduled for March 19-20, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona. The session, titled "Navigating FOBO (Fear of Becoming Obsolete) in the Digital Age," will be led by Dr. Marco Serrato from Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.

Dr. Serrato highlights the need for continuous learning and skill development in an era where technological advancements outpace human adaptation. He points out that the traditional model of education, where a four-year degree was expected to last a career, is no longer sufficient. Professionals must now embrace lifelong learning to stay relevant and valuable in their fields.

The course will help attendees understand and manage their fears of becoming obsolete. It will provide strategies for talent management, focusing on attraction, development, and retention in the face of rapid technological changes. A significant part of the course will explore making FOBO a strategic asset, teaching leaders how to manage their own fears and those of their team members, and how to measure success in these endeavors.

Participants will leave the course with a deeper understanding of how to transform their fear of obsolescence into proactive steps to ensure they remain relevant and valuable in their professional lives. The event is open to all professionals, irrespective of their CPCU or Society membership status, emphasizing its inclusive approach to addressing this universal challenge.

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