Rethinking Risk Management: Focus on Friction, Not Just Fuel (CLM)

Rethinking Risk Management: Focus on Friction, Not Just Fuel

  Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 Source: CLM

Risk management often falls into the trap of focusing solely on protocols, procedures, and punitive measures to enforce compliance. However, real-world scenarios, such as flu vaccine uptake disparities in a charter school system and a manufacturing facility’s struggle with footwear compliance, illustrate the limitations of this approach. The key to improving outcomes lies in identifying and removing friction points that hinder compliance, rather than simply adding more "fuel" in the form of procedures or incentives.

The charter school system’s experience revealed that convenience and accessibility played a crucial role in vaccine compliance, not just the promotion of vaccination itself. Similarly, at the manufacturing facility, providing safety shoes onsite removed significant barriers to compliance, achieving near-perfect results. These examples underscore the importance of understanding the human element in risk management strategies.

In another instance, a construction site accident emphasized the need for culturally and linguistically inclusive training, demonstrating that understanding and addressing the nuances of workplace dynamics are crucial for effective risk management.

These insights challenge traditional risk management practices, suggesting a shift towards reducing friction in compliance processes can lead to more effective and sustainable safety outcomes. It’s a reminder that understanding and addressing the specific needs and challenges of individuals and groups within an organization is essential for fostering a culture of compliance and safety.

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