The Importance Of Decentralized Insurance In A Destabilizing Climate (TechCrunch)

The Importance Of Decentralized Insurance In A Destabilizing Climate

  Thursday, October 14th, 2021 Source: TechCrunch

What does it mean for economies, governments and communities when ‘once in a lifetime’ weather events begin to occur on an annual basis? We are witnessing an entirely new scale of natural disasters across the world.

Previously, emerging economies bore the brunt of induced climate disasters, but it’s now impossible to ignore the catastrophic impacts of our changing climate, no matter what corner of the globe you reside in.

Wildfires in California are adding to thousands of deaths reported annually due to poor air quality, while in Germany, hundreds have lost their lives this year as a result of record flooding.

Preparation for such extreme and hazardous weather conditions is now a priority for us all.

One of many questions that emerges from the increase in such extreme weather events is this: Who will foot the bill?

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