Veteran Insurance Adjusters Express Concern Over Industry Practices and Integrity Issues (Reddit)

Veteran Insurance Adjusters Express Concern Over Industry Practices and Integrity Issues

  Friday, April 12th, 2024 Source: Reddit

A recent thread on the adjusters subreddit, a community for claims adjusters, has sparked a broad discussion highlighting numerous concerns within the insurance industry. The thread featured a series of grievances from experienced professionals, including those with decades of service, who discussed the changing landscape of insurance, particularly in the context of roofing and claims handling.

The initial post by a veteran adjuster lamented the loss of integrity among roofing companies, citing instances where actual roof damage was less significant than the damage caused by the adjuster’s own inspection. This sentiment was echoed by others who shared frustrations about the complexities and alleged fraud associated with roofing claims, with one adjuster specifically avoiding these claims due to their contentious nature.

Contributors to the discussion detailed the shift from a customer-centric business model to a more transactional approach driven by technology and cost-cutting. For example, one former Allstate agency owner described the transition from personalized customer relationships to quick, mobile transactions that prioritize efficiency over quality. This shift has reportedly led to a depersonalization of service, where the experience and judgment of seasoned adjusters and underwriters are undervalued and underutilized.

Discussions also covered the impact of regulatory changes and corporate strategies on the daily operations of adjusters. Many contributors noted a trend towards hiring less experienced staff due to licensing exceptions, which has resulted in a decrease in service quality and an increase in dissatisfaction among both employees and clients.

Further, the thread included personal accounts from customers and agents who have felt the repercussions of these industry changes, such as dramatic increases in policy costs and questionable claim denials, which have soured their views on their insurers and the industry at large.

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