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Coinsurance Definition And Formula

Coinsurance formula and sample calculation for a property claim where the insured did not maintain the required minimum coverage (usually 80% of value) on a structure.

A 14 Point Red Flag Checklist For Staged Collisions

The Red Flag checklist helps determine whether a rear-end collision may have been a staged accident; this maneuver is referred to as a swoop and squat crash by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Claims with numerous red flags may need to be referred to the special investigations unit (SIU).

Blood Alcohol Content Chart

Reference chart showing what a person's blood alcohol content may be, based on the number of drinks consumed within an hour. Includes a person's weight as a factor.

The Enhanced Fujita Tornado Classification Chart

The Fujita Scale rates the intensity of the tornado (mean wind speed) by the amount of ground damage that is created.

Law Digest Guides

The Insurance Law Digest is a series of PDF files that provide summaries of insurance laws for each U.S. state and the Canadian province.

Displaying 21 - 30 of 67
Displaying 21 - 30 of 67