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Model Insurance Fraud Act

This legislation establishes insurance fraud as a specific crime and as a felony in felony cases. It attacks insurance fraud at the source and can be used as a framework for additional laws, such as creating an insurance fraud bureau. The model addresses all forms of insurance fraud, including claims fraud, underwriting fraud, deceptive sales practices and scams by insurance operators.

California Earthquake Authority - Claim Manual 2016

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) claim manual is designed to assist claim representatives in the investigation and settlement of earthquake claims.

Model Insurance Fraud Bureau Act

This model legislation establishes an insurance fraud bureau and defines its duties. It also suggests ways to fund the operations of the bureau and prosecution efforts.

How To Prepare for Institutes Exams

How to Prepare for Institutes Exams: Best Practices for Exam Success

Business Interruption Handbook - Cerro Grande Fire

This Business Interruption Handbook was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and by Pricewaterhouse Coopers' Business Interruption specialists to guide a claimant through the process of preparing and filing a business interruption claim under the Cerro Grande Fire Assistance Act. Useful in handling all non-Cerro Grande business interruption claims as well.

Durability By Design 2nd Edition 2015

A Professional’s Guide to Durable Home Design

Casualty Specialty Updates 2016

The latest reports, market news, and industry intelligence on litigation, regulation, emerging risks, natural catastrophes and reinsurance issues as they relate to casualty claims worldwide.

Sinkholes - A Link Between Surface Water And Ground Water

A review of sinkholes in West-Central Florida. Identifies the different types of sinkholes that exist and the science behind their formation.

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