2024 Coalition Cyber Claims Report Reveals Key Cybersecurity Insights and Trends (Coalition)

2024 Coalition Cyber Claims Report Reveals Key Cybersecurity Insights and Trends

  Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 Source: Coalition

The newly released Coalition 2024 Cyber Claims Report offers an in-depth look into the current state of cyber threats and the effectiveness of cyber insurance. The report underscores a persistent increase in cyber claim frequencies, particularly noting a spike in ransomware incidents in the first half of the year followed by a significant reduction in severity due to improved mitigation strategies.

Key findings from the report indicate that the most common claims involved business email compromise (BEC) and funds transfer fraud (FTF), stressing the continued vulnerability of business operations to email-based attacks. Remarkably, the report also highlighted a successful reduction in ransomware severity by 54% in the latter half of the year, although overall, the severity of claims has risen compared to the previous year.

The report discusses the evolving tactics of cybercriminals, including the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence to create more sophisticated phishing campaigns, which have contributed to an uptick in FTF claims . Moreover, the use of specific technologies, like boundary devices, was identified as a risk factor, increasing the likelihood of cyber incidents.

The Coalition report not only sheds light on the patterns and impacts of cyber threats but also reinforces the value of proactive cyber insurance and risk management strategies in mitigating these risks. This reinforces the need for businesses to invest in comprehensive cyber insurance to safeguard against the dynamic threat landscape.

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