Adjusters Discuss Challenges with Mitigation Company Charges and Negotiations (Reddit)

Adjusters Discuss Challenges with Mitigation Company Charges and Negotiations

  Friday, April 19th, 2024 Source: Reddit

A lively discussion unfolded on a subreddit for insurance adjusters, centered around the growing problem of "mitigation creep" — excessive charges from mitigation companies and their often rigid stance on negotiations. The original poster expressed frustration over mitigation companies that refuse to adjust their bills and asked peers for strategies to handle such situations. Various adjusters shared their approaches, including setting clear "not to exceed" limits, direct negotiations, using detailed inspection reports to challenge unreasonable claims, and leveraging legal notices to deter overbilling.

Participants highlighted several tactics like involving policyholders in the review of estimates to ensure transparency, and challenging mitigation practices that do not align with industry standards. Some adjusters suggested using subrogation as a potential route to address over-mitigation, while others recommended getting IICRC certification to better dispute unjustified charges based on a thorough understanding of mitigation processes.

The conversation also touched on broader industry challenges, such as the impact of aggressive billing on customer satisfaction and the insurance process. Adjusters expressed the need for a balance between firm policy enforcement and maintaining good customer relations, reflecting a complex landscape where negotiation skills are as critical as technical knowledge of mitigation work.

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