Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Predicts More Storms (

Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Predicts More Storms

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Risk Management

The latest forecast from Colorado State University (CSU) has increased the predicted activity for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. Originally expected to be busy, the season is now projected to have 25 named storms, 12 of which will become hurricanes, and six reaching Category 3 or stronger. This revision marks an increase of two named storms and one hurricane compared to earlier predictions.

Hurricane Beryl, one of the first storms of the season, has shown early signs of significant activity. Beryl formed in the deep tropics and rapidly intensified, indicating that the Atlantic is primed for an active season. Meteorologist Phil Klotzbach noted Beryl’s impressive energy generation, setting records for early-season storms.

Two main factors are driving this active outlook: record warmth in the Atlantic and the anticipated development of La Niña conditions. Warmer ocean temperatures provide more energy for storms, while La Niña reduces wind shear, which can otherwise weaken hurricanes. These conditions suggest a highly active hurricane season ahead.

Given the forecast, there’s a possibility that the 2024 hurricane season could exhaust the list of 21 pre-assigned storm names. If this occurs, a supplemental list of names will be used, as the Greek alphabet was retired for naming storms after confusion in previous years. With the first three names already used, the season is advancing quickly.

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