BEC: Attacks On Email Systems Are Rising (Insurance Thought Leadership)

BEC: Attacks On Email Systems Are Rising

  Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 Source: Insurance Thought Leadership

Companies have increasingly turned to the cloud for their email solution. Cybercriminals or attackers have watched this trend and are finding ways to access email hosted in the cloud, which is known in the security community as a Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Unfortunately, many companies are implementing cloud-based email without an understanding of how attackers are getting in and what safeguards help prevent an attack.

The vectors for compromised email attacks are the same as many other types of system or network occurrences.

The most common attack vectors are phishing or spear phishing emails, which contain an attachment containing malware or a malicious link that brings the user to a legitimate-looking website and prompts the user for credentials.

When the email recipient clicks on the link and provides credentials or opens the attachment from a phishing email, the attacker is able to get a foot in the “door” of the company, so to speak.

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