Discover the Next Generation of Insurance Talent with Rising Stars in Commercial Brokering (Risk & Insurance)

Discover the Next Generation of Insurance Talent with Rising Stars in Commercial Brokering

  Friday, February 2nd, 2024 Source: Risk & Insurance

In an inspiring showcase of talent and passion, Risk & Insurance® highlights the remarkable journey of Emily Weiss Schaffer, the assistant vice president at Risk Strategies and a celebrated 2023 Fine Arts Power Broker. Sponsored by Philadelphia Insurance, this feature is part of a series aimed at spotlighting the Rising Stars in the commercial insurance brokering space, promising a fresh wave of expertise and innovation.

Emily’s path into the insurance industry was uniquely influenced by her academic background in Art History and Studio Art from Skidmore College. Despite the lack of exposure to fine art insurance during her studies, her move to New York City and subsequent introduction to Risk Strategies ignited a passion for protecting the art world through insurance. Her role as a fine arts insurance broker offers her the unique opportunity to blend her love for art with her skills in risk management, allowing her unparalleled access to art while helping clients navigate the complexities of insurance.

The narrative of Emily’s career is a testament to the diverse opportunities within the insurance industry, especially for those with a passion for art. Her work involves a delicate balance of understanding and meeting the needs of a varied clientele, from museums and private collectors to artists themselves. Emily credits her mentors, Steve Pincus and Mary Pontillo, for their guidance and support in her career development, highlighting the importance of mentorship in the industry.

For those with a background in art or a similar field, Emily’s story serves as an inspiring example of how unconventional paths can lead to fulfilling careers in insurance. Her advice to young professionals is to explore the intersections between their passions and the insurance industry, emphasizing the role of insurance in the art world as not just a career but a calling.

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