Fans Sue Over Disrupted Las Vegas Formula One Practice Session (Insurance Journal)

Fans Sue Over Disrupted Las Vegas Formula One Practice Session

  Monday, November 20th, 2023 Source: Insurance Journal

Formula One fans experienced disappointment at the Las Vegas Grand Prix when a sudden track closure forced them to leave before the second practice session. This led to a class-action lawsuit filed in Nevada state court by the Dimopoulos Law Firm and JK Legal & Consulting, targeting the event organizers, Las Vegas Grand Prix and its owner, Liberty Media. The lawsuit claims at least $30,000 in damages for the shortened event experience.

The incident occurred on the opening night when Carlos Sainz Jr.’s Ferrari was damaged after running over a water valve cover, causing a significant delay in the second practice session and reducing the viewing time for spectators. While race officials offered a $200 discount at the official gift shop to single-night ticket holders, the majority of fans, possessing three-day passes, were left dissatisfied. F1 President Stefano Domenicali and Renee Wilm, CEO of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, cited safety and legal reasons for the closure but compared the incident to other events like concerts and games where cancellations are not uncommon.

The lawsuit reflects the growing trend of event-goers seeking legal recourse for disruptions in major events. This case underlines the balance event organizers must maintain between ensuring safety and meeting ticket holders’ expectations, especially in high-profile sporting events like Formula One.

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