Surging Dog-Related Injury Claims Highlight the Need for Owner Education and Pet Training (Insurance Information Institute)

Surging Dog-Related Injury Claims Highlight the Need for Owner Education and Pet Training

Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 Education & Training Insurance Industry Liability Property

In 2023, the insurance industry paid out an unprecedented $1.12 billion in claims related to dog bites and related injuries, marking a significant increase over previous years, according to a collaborative study by the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) and State Farm. With 19,062 incidents reported, this represents an 8% increase from 2022 and a staggering 110% rise over the last decade. Interestingly, despite the rise in the number of claims, the average cost per claim actually saw a decrease, moving from $64,555 in 2022 to $58,545 in 2023. The states of California, Florida, and Texas were identified as having the highest number of claims.

The spike in claims highlights the growing issue of dog bites and the broader implications for communities and the insurance industry. Experts, including Janet Ruiz of Triple-I and Heather Paul of State Farm, emphasize the critical role of education and training for both pet owners and their pets in mitigating risks and ensuring safety. Dog Bite Prevention Week serves as a focal point for raising awareness, with veterinarians, animal behavior experts, and insurance representatives joining forces to educate the public on prevention strategies. Key prevention tips include ensuring pets are healthy, prioritizing proper socialization, understanding dog body language, and responsibly interacting with other pets.

The initiative is backed by a coalition including the AVMA, State Farm, Triple I, and Victoria Stilwell Positively, underscoring the collective effort to reduce dog-related injuries through education and community engagement. A special Facebook Live event is planned to further disseminate valuable information and interact with the public on this critical issue.

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