Swiss Re and Zurich Navigate the Generative AI Wave in the Reinsurance Sector (Reinsurance News)

Swiss Re and Zurich Navigate the Generative AI Wave in the Reinsurance Sector

Friday, March 29th, 2024 Insurance Industry Risk Management Technology

The reinsurance industry is currently at a pivotal juncture with the advent of Generative AI (GenAI), witnessing an unprecedented enthusiasm for the technology’s potential to revolutionize the sector. Swiss Re’s CEO for P&C Re, Urs Baertschi, acknowledges the industry’s peak interest in GenAI, categorizing its applications into automation and augmentation. The aim is to leverage GenAI not only to streamline existing processes but also to enhance efficiency, affordability, and speed of service delivery.

Despite the optimistic outlook, Baertschi cautions against the inherent risks associated with GenAI, such as fraud, deep fakes, and biases that could exacerbate exclusion rather than bridging the protection gap. These concerns underscore the necessity for a balanced approach to adopting GenAI in underwriting processes, ensuring that the technology’s benefits do not overshadow its potential negative impacts.

Zurich Insurance Group’s CEO EMEA and Bank Distribution, Alison Martin, echoes this sentiment by highlighting the importance of risk management in the deployment of AI technologies. Zurich’s AI assurance framework, established five years ago, emphasizes human oversight in AI applications to mitigate risks effectively. Martin stresses the importance of maintaining a cautious stance towards AI interaction with customers, prioritizing human engagement in customer service to prevent adverse outcomes.

Both Swiss Re and Zurich exemplify the re/insurance sector’s cautious yet optimistic navigation through the GenAI landscape. By balancing the innovative prospects of AI with rigorous risk management strategies, they aim to harness the technology’s potential responsibly, enhancing global coverage while safeguarding against its pitfalls.

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