Exploring New Horizons in Insurance Talent and Leadership through the Shin Research Program Insights (International Insurance Society)

Exploring New Horizons in Insurance Talent and Leadership through the Shin Research Program Insights

  Friday, January 19th, 2024 Source: International Insurance Society

The Shin Research Program, funded by Kyobo Life Insurance and in collaboration with the International Insurance Society (IIS), has launched a pioneering study into talent and leadership trends in the insurance industry. This 2023 initiative, stemming from a decades-long partnership, seeks to address key topics like regulation, cyber risks, and resilience, among others.

Responding to industry dynamics, the inaugural report gathers insights from senior human resource leaders. It stresses the importance of hiring candidates who possess a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s global nature and a commitment to continuous skill enhancement. The report outlines essential skills for today’s insurance professionals, including data fluency and a growth mindset. The success in attracting and retaining top talent is closely tied to supporting lifelong learning and connecting individual roles to the industry’s broader mission.

To attract new talent, the industry is advised to provide clear career growth paths, communicate its people-focused mission, adapt to the gig economy, and offer flexible working conditions. Cultivating talent involves robust training plans, online learning for technical skills, social learning for soft skills, and leveraging mentoring and coaching.

The Shin Program aims to validate these findings in future studies, focusing on differences between HR leaders and senior executives’ perspectives. This initiative underscores the program’s commitment to fostering global growth and innovation in alignment with the IIS’s mission. For a comprehensive understanding, the full report is available for review.

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