Gallagher Re and Oxford University partner to analyze supply chain chokepoints impacting the re/insurance sector.
May 20 Marine Property Risk Management Technology

With Atlantic Ocean temperatures nearing critical thresholds, the 2024 hurricane season could see increased cyclone strength and frequency.
May 15 Catastrophe Marine Risk Management Technology

Chubb, the insurer for Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, is set to pay out $350 million following the bridge’s catastrophic collapse, which resulted in significant economic and human losses.
May 2 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Litigation Marine Maryland

As the cruise industry recovers from the pandemic’s impacts, it faces new sustainability goals and operational challenges in a changing global landscape.
May 2 Insurance Industry Marine Risk Management

OSHA fines Mohawk Northeast Inc. over $200,000 for failing to ensure the safety of a pier that collapsed in New Bedford, injuring two workers.
April 15 Liability Marine Risk Management Connecticut Massachusetts

Marine loss adjuster Paul Field reveals the challenges and nuances of handling insurance claims for pleasurecraft, emphasizing the human aspect and technical expertise required.
March 29 Insurance Industry Marine Risk Management Technology

Lloyd’s of London anticipates the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse to potentially become the most significant marine insurance loss in history.
March 28 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Marine Risk Management Maryland

After a catastrophic accident involving a ship and a Baltimore bridge, the vessel’s owner looks to an old maritime law to potentially cap damages, reshaping the financial aftermath.
March 27 Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Marine Maryland

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, after being struck by a cargo ship, has led to a significant emergency operation and concerns over East Coast shipping logistics.
March 26 Catastrophe Marine Risk Management Technology Maryland

Spire Global teams up with NVIDIA, aiming to improve forecast accuracy and tackle the challenge of extreme weather events through AI-driven weather prediction.
March 20 Catastrophe Marine Risk Management Technology

Ocean temperatures have surged to unprecedented levels for over a year, alarming scientists about potential long-term ecological and meteorological impacts.
March 15 Catastrophe Marine Risk Management

Marine insurance experts advocate for joint decarbonisation efforts with shipowners to navigate the complexities of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
February 23 Legislation & Regulation Marine Risk Management Technology

With La Niña’s return and record-warm Atlantic waters, AccuWeather forecasts a potentially explosive hurricane season in 2024.
February 20 Catastrophe Marine Risk Management Texas

A groundbreaking simulation suggests the Atlantic Ocean’s vital currents may face a "cliff-like" collapse sooner than expected, threatening drastic global climate shifts.
February 12 Catastrophe Marine Risk Management

With hurricanes becoming three times more frequent over the past century, only a handful of U.S. states are stepping up with effective risk reduction strategies.
February 12 Catastrophe Marine Property Risk Management Louisiana New York

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