Access essential depreciation rates and life expectancy for a vast array of personal property and building materials with the 2023 Claims Pages Depreciation Guide. From appliances and electronics to furniture and roofing, this indispensable resource supports hundreds of insurance companies and professionals in determining the actual cash value of items, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of claims processing.
  PDF (56KB) Property General Reference

Decipher motor vehicle accident reports in New York with ease using the MV-104COV (11/13) code sheet, a vital resource for claims adjusters and legal professionals. This document lays out crucial codes for assessing accident locations, conditions, vehicle types, damages, and injuries, streamlining the analysis of complex accident reports for efficient claims resolution.
  PDF (188KB) Auto Liability Crash Reports

The Property Damage Release Form specifies involved parties, incident date and location, alongside settlement terms of a property damage claim. It includes a crucial clause preventing further legal action against the insurer, ensuring a definitive closure.
  PDF (25KB) Liability Property Forms Property & Casualty

Navigate the critical steps for conducting recorded interviews with insured drivers post-vehicle accident through this structured guide. It includes essential questions covering identification, accident specifics, vehicle details, and more, aiming to meticulously document every aspect of the incident for a thorough evaluation.
  PDF (21KB) Auto Liability Statement Guides

Secure a comprehensive settlement with the Complete Release of All Claims form, a legal agreement ensuring the insurer's exemption from further bodily injury and property damage claims post-accident. This document thoroughly records claimant details, the incident's specifics, and the settlement terms, safeguarding against future legal actions related to the event.
  PDF (27KB) Liability Forms Property & Casualty

This guide outlines a structured interview process for documenting a detailed statement from a vehicle accident claimant, with their consent. It covers a broad spectrum of information, including the claimant's personal and employment details, accident specifics such as date and location, and a comprehensive account of the incident. This includes vehicle information, passenger and witness details, weather and road conditions, the sequence of events leading to and following the collision, as well as any vehicle damage, police investigations, injuries, and lost wages. This format ensures thorough documentation for accurate claim assessment.
  PDF (22KB) Auto Liability Statement Guides

Introducing the 3 Column Adjuster Worksheet, a precise financial tool for insurance claims. It's designed to streamline repair estimates by itemizing losses and calculating replacement cost, depreciation, and actual cash value. Essential for adjusters, this worksheet ensures accurate and efficient claim processing.
  PDF (63KB) Auto Management & Underwriting Property Forms Property & Casualty

Navigate through slip and fall claims with precision using our 'Floor Slip And Fall - Claimant' statement guide. This document is an essential tool for recording comprehensive details of slip and fall incidents, including claimant identification, incident specifics, environmental conditions, and the aftermath. Structured to ensure thorough documentation, it addresses all aspects from witness accounts to the impact on employment, making it invaluable for adjusters and legal professionals aiming for an accurate claim assessment.
  PDF (17KB) Liability Statement Guides

Maximize the effectiveness of your automobile accident investigations with our Auto Investigation Checklist. Designed for adjusters, this checklist provides a structured approach to gathering crucial statements, photographs, and appraisals, along with accident scene diagrams and police reports. Ensure no detail is overlooked in your comprehensive assessment of the incident, leading to precise and informed claims processing.
  PDF (49KB) Auto Liability Checklists

Secure and precise, our 'Sworn Statement In Proof Of Loss (No Subrogation)' document is essential for policyholders looking to claim losses without subrogation. It meticulously guides you through declaring policy details, loss circumstances, and rightful compensation claims, fortified with notarization for legitimacy. A crucial step in transparent and fair insurance claim processing, this statement prevents fraud and ensures compliance with policy terms for a smooth settlement experience.
  PDF (123.131KB) Property Forms Property & Casualty

Dive into the intricate world of Diminution in Value claims across the U.S. with our comprehensive state-by-state guide. Ideal for subrogation professionals, this essential document dissects first-party and third-party claim treatments, demystifying legal stances from Immediate to Inherent Diminished Value cases. Stay ahead in your field with this vital resource, ensuring you're well-equipped to navigate the complexities of varied state laws with confidence and precision.
  PDF (28KB) Auto Litigation Ocean Marine Legal Reference

Navigate the complexities of filing an insurance claim with our 'Master Proof Of Loss' document. Tailored for meticulous reporting under various policies, this essential form articulates every critical aspect of your claim, from the incident’s specifics to the detailed insurance coverage at the time of loss. Equipped with legal declarations and fraud warnings, it’s the definitive resource for ensuring your claim is comprehensive and transparent, providing a solid foundation for your insurance proceedings.
  PDF (63.321KB) Property Forms Property & Casualty

Unlock the details of slip and fall claims with our 'Slip And Fall (Floor) - Insured Statement Guide.' Tailored for adjusters, this document lays out a meticulous interview blueprint to thoroughly document the nuances of slip and fall incidents. From weather conditions to the precise moment of the fall, ensure every critical aspect is captured for an accurate assessment of the claim. A must-have tool for navigating the complexities of insurance claims with precision and empathy.
  PDF (16KB) Liability Statement Guides

Streamline your vehicle-related legal processes with our 'Power Of Attorney (Auto)' document. Tailor-made for vehicle owners, this form simplifies title transfers and registration tasks by empowering a trusted attorney in fact to act on your behalf. Ensuring a seamless transition of legal responsibilities, this document is indispensable for managing your automotive affairs with ease and security.
  PDF (20KB) Auto Salvage Forms Property & Casualty

Ensure the integrity of your policyholder's residency claims with our 'Residency Investigation Checklist.' Designed for insurance professionals, this detailed checklist provides a robust framework for verifying the authenticity of residency information. From analyzing public records to conducting field investigations, leverage this guide to uncover accurate and comprehensive insights into your policyholder's residency status, bolstering your due diligence process and policy compliance.
  PDF (9KB) Auto Property Checklists

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