Ramon Paz of Lakeland, Florida, receives a 33-month federal prison sentence for orchestrating a workers’ compensation insurance fraud, impacting the construction sector.
  November 21   Insurance Journal Fraud Legislation & Regulation Liability Workers' Compensation Florida

Amidst the forgery scandal involving Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings, the ex-CEO of a Florida museum countersues over allegations of wrongful termination and defamation.
  November 17   Insurance Journal Fraud Liability Litigation Property Florida

SpaceX’s rapid growth and technological advancements are overshadowed by rising worker injuries and weak regulatory responses, highlighting major safety concerns.
  November 14   Insurance Journal Legislation & Regulation Liability Risk Management Workers' Compensation California Florida Texas Washington

A recent study by the Insurance Research Council reveals stark differences in homeowners insurance affordability across the United States.
  November 14   Insurance Information Institute Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management Alabama Florida Louisiana Mississippi New Hampshire

With pet insurance awareness low, Spot Pet Insurance has quickly become one of North America’s fastest-growing pet insurers, recently exceeding $100 million in gross written premiums.
  November 9   Insurance Business Life & Health Property Risk Management Technology Florida

Cruise is recalling 950 driverless cars from the roads across the United States following a crash involving one of its robotaxis and will likely issue more recalls.
  November 9   Insurance Journal Auto Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Technology Arizona Florida Texas

A Palm Beach insurance agent’s arrest for fraud casts a shadow on the trust placed in industry professionals.
  November 8   Florida Department of Financial Services Catastrophe Fraud Liability Property Florida

Some developers are building homes with an eye toward making them more resilient to the extreme weather that`s increasing with climate change, and friendlier to the environment at the same time.
  November 7   Claims Journal Catastrophe Property Risk Management Technology Florida

Kentucky’s Insurance Commissioner has approved a 6.4% decrease in average workers’ compensation loss costs for the state, making it the 18th consecutive drop in costs for most Kentucky employers.
  October 26   Insurance Journal Legislation & Regulation Workers' Compensation Florida Kentucky

A recent case study by Moody’s reveals that in locations like South Florida, meeting or surpassing evolving building codes can slash home damage costs almost tenfold.
  October 24   Insurance Business Catastrophe Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management Florida

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