Wildfires continue to threaten communities, ecosystems, and economies worldwide. With the increased risk and frequency of catastrophic weather events, the continuous need to reassess and update models has challenged insurance professionals.
  November 10   CLM Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management California Colorado Hawaii Oregon

Melted remains of an old car tire. Heavily burned trees. A charred stump of an abandoned utility pole. Investigators are examining these and other pieces of evidence as they seek to solve the mystery of last month’s deadly Maui wildfire...
  September 28   AP Liability Hawaii

Hawaii courts soon may have to address a novel legal question related to the Maui wildfires: whether allowing invasive grass to grow unheeded on one’s property is the legal equivalent of keeping radioactive waste, dynamite or a dangerous wild animal.
  September 26   Honolulu Civil Beat Liability Litigation Hawaii

The devastating Hawaii wildfires prompted a groundbreaking lawsuit filed by Harold Wells, whose daughter lost her life in the inferno.
  September 22   Claims Pages Staff Liability Litigation Hawaii

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission initiated a sweeping inquiry of Hawaiian Electric Co. this week, and, among other things, ordered the utility to reveal by Monday any liability insurance the company has available to cover legal claims related to the Aug. 8 fires on Maui.
  September 21   Honolulu Civil Beat Liability Litigation Property Hawaii

Lawyers for Lahaina residents and business owners are intensifying their legal battle by alleging that cable TV and telephone companies played a role in last month’s devastating fires on Maui.
  September 6   Claims Pages Staff Liability Litigation Hawaii

Maui County says it has filed a lawsuit against local electric companies over damage caused by the devastating Maui wildfires, including ones in Lahaina and Kula.
  August 24   ABC News Liability Litigation Hawaii

Moody’s RMS on Tuesday said insured losses from the wildfires Aug. 8-10 in Hawaii could exceed $4.5 billion.
  August 23   Business Insurance Catastrophe Property Hawaii

Three law firms filed a class-action lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric on Saturday, alleging that the utility’s downed power lines significantly contributed to the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century.
  August 15   Spectrum News Liability Litigation Hawaii

Data released by the Pacific Disaster Center and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has painted a harrowing picture of the aftermath of the Lahaina wildfire. As of August 11th, a staggering 2,207 structures have fallen victim to the relentless blaze.
  August 14   Claims Pages Staff Catastrophe Property Hawaii

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