Medicare Advantage insurers received $50 billion from questionable diagnoses, including diseases like diabetic cataracts and HIV, for conditions that were not treated or didn’t exist.
July 8 Fraud Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Technology Alabama Arizona Florida Georgia Massachusetts

Farmers Insurance responds to claims of understaffing and overworking made by an anonymous group of in-house adjusters, following a significant increase in claims and workforce reduction.
July 2 Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Workers' Compensation Alabama California Florida Georgia Tennessee

The Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) reported a 30% increase in total claims value from 2022, highlighting the financial impact of severe convective storms.
June 19 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management Alabama California Florida Georgia Louisiana

Power outages in Houston could last for weeks following a destructive storm with hurricane-force winds, leaving thousands without electricity amid soaring temperatures.
May 17 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management Alabama Florida Georgia Louisiana Mississippi

Climate change intensifies extreme precipitation, escalating flood risks across the U.S. with significant increases in the Northeast and Midwest.
May 6 Catastrophe Property Risk Management Alabama Alaska Georgia Hawaii Kentucky

A vendor is facing charges for allegedly defrauding Montgomery city of over $400,000, with an indictment issued following an unrelated probe by the attorney general.
April 30 Fraud Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Risk Management Alabama

A group of entertainers is suing an Alabama entertainment venue for $100,000, claiming violations of federal wage and tip-sharing regulations.
April 10 Legislation & Regulation Litigation Workers' Compensation Alabama

The latest storms bring a wave of destruction through the heartland, with the Ohio Valley suffering severe damage, power outages, and injuries.
April 5 Catastrophe Property Risk Management Alabama Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky

A groundbreaking report by GHSA and CMT offers strategies to tackle distracted driving, revealing the effectiveness of hands-free laws and tech-driven safety programs.
March 29 Auto Legislation & Regulation Technology Alabama Michigan Missouri Ohio

A compounding pharmacy fraud scheme in Alabama involving kickbacks for unnecessary medical services results in prison sentences and hefty restitution orders.
March 25 Fraud Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Workers' Compensation Alabama

As the pandemic ends, courts continue to evaluate COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims, highlighting the ongoing challenges of proving work-related long COVID disabilities.
February 21 Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Risk Management Workers' Compensation Alabama Maryland West Virginia

The FDA lists 57 products in a growing recall over listeria contamination fears, with an investigation focusing on queso fresco and cotija cheeses.
February 14 Liability Life & Health Alabama Arizona California Colorado Florida

The Alabama Supreme Court’s recent ruling broadens the scope of COVID-19 immunity for healthcare providers, even in cases indirectly related to the pandemic.
January 29 Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Alabama

A series of deadly tornadoes and severe thunderstorms wreak havoc across the Southeast, leading to four deaths and extensive property damage.
January 10 Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management Alabama Florida Georgia Maine North Carolina

A series of tornadoes and high winds struck the South, including Panama City, Florida, leading to significant damage and emergency rescues.
January 9 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management Alabama Florida

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