McClenny, Moseley & Associates, a Texas law firm, is ordered to pay over $10 million for fraudulent activities related to hurricane insurance claims.
  January 23   Insurance Business Catastrophe Fraud Litigation Property Louisiana Texas

Timothy Daryle Sletten receives a 21-month prison sentence for defrauding State Farm Insurance through fraudulent property damage claims in Iowa.
  January 19   Insurance Journal Fraud Litigation Property Iowa

In a significant ruling, the Georgia Supreme Court emphasizes sovereign immunity as a key jurisdictional issue in Bray v. Watkins, impacting future legal proceedings.
  January 19   CLM Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Georgia

State Farm’s appeal fails as Florida court affirms the insurer’s obligation to pay $2.7 million in corporate taxes, interpreting state and local bond interest inclusions.
  January 18   Insurance Business Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Florida

A Delaware judge’s ruling curtails certain claims in the state’s lawsuit against the fossil fuel industry, focusing on local air pollution effects.
  January 15   Insurance Journal Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Risk Management Delaware

After a lengthy legal battle, the city of Jackson, Mississippi, is set to receive $10.3 million from Zurich American Insurance for damages from a 2013 hailstorm.
  January 12   Insurance Business Catastrophe Insurance Industry Litigation Property Mississippi

The Ohio Supreme Court’s recent decision affirms that the statute of repose for medical claims encompasses wrongful death claims, impacting medical malpractice litigation.
  January 12   CLM Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Ohio

In a Boston federal court, Google disputes a $1.67 billion claim alleging the tech giant infringed patents crucial for its AI-driven products.
  January 10   Carrier Management Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Technology Massachusetts

A lawsuit against Dunkin’ alleges severe injuries due to an exploding toilet at a Florida location, raising questions about premises safety.
  January 9   Claims Journal Insurance Industry Liability Litigation Property Florida

OpenAI and Microsoft are sued for allegedly using copyrighted nonfiction works to train AI models, including the ChatGPT chatbot, sparking a debate on AI training practices.
  January 8   Insurance Journal Insurance Industry Litigation Technology New York

Florissant, Missouri, agrees to a $2.9 million settlement for a lawsuit alleging constitutional rights violations through excessive fines and jailings for minor violations.
  January 5   Insurance Journal Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Risk Management

In a pivotal ruling, a Florida appeals court overturns a dismissal, allowing a bad-faith lawsuit against First Protective Insurance over delayed sinkhole damage payments.
  January 5   Insurance Journal Legislation & Regulation Litigation Property Risk Management Florida

A Minnesota woman sues her dentist for alleged negligence, claiming extensive dental work in one visit led to disfigurement and health issues.
  January 3   Insurance Journal Liability Life & Health Litigation Risk Management Minnesota

Understanding the real impact of insurance fraud, as experts reveal its staggering annual cost and debunk the myth of it being a victimless crime.
  December 22   CLM Fraud Litigation Property Workers' Compensation

Examining the court’s decision to seal crucial insurance rate information, weighing transparency against the need for competitive confidentiality.
  December 21   Claims and Bad Faith Law Blog Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Risk Management Washington

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