Recent research from the FIRST Center highlights significant differences in state workers’ compensation laws for first responders with mental health conditions, emphasizing the need for uniform presumption laws.
July 16 Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Risk Management Workers' Compensation Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut

The West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that a worker can pursue a civil lawsuit against third-party manufacturers despite a denied workers’ compensation claim, marking a significant victory for workers’ compensation plaintiff attorneys.
June 13 Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Workers' Compensation West Virginia

A West Virginia appellate court ruled that a worker injured while assisting an accident victim during a work-related trip is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, overturning previous decisions.
May 31 Insurance Industry Liability Litigation Workers' Compensation Pennsylvania West Virginia

A recent ruling by the West Virginia Supreme Court mandates that preexisting conditions should not reduce disability awards unless total permanent disability is involved.
April 24 Legislation & Regulation Litigation Risk Management Workers' Compensation West Virginia

The adjuster community on Reddit discusses the evolving landscape of independent adjusting, sharing personal experiences and perspectives on industry changes.
April 5 Education & Training Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Technology Florida Georgia Indiana Kentucky Louisiana

Innovative legal tactics and social inflation are driving up insurance premiums and contributing to a hidden ’tort tax’ for American households.
April 5 Auto Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Property California Florida Indiana Kentucky Louisiana

The latest storms bring a wave of destruction through the heartland, with the Ohio Valley suffering severe damage, power outages, and injuries.
April 5 Catastrophe Property Risk Management Alabama Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky

Despite previous citations, ArcelorMittal Tubular Products USA LLC fails to safeguard an employee from severe injuries, incurring over $250,000 in OSHA penalties.
April 3 Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Workers' Compensation Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania West Virginia

As the pandemic ends, courts continue to evaluate COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims, highlighting the ongoing challenges of proving work-related long COVID disabilities.
February 21 Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Risk Management Workers' Compensation Alabama Maryland West Virginia

In response to the surge in litigation costs and nuclear verdicts, various states have enacted significant tort reforms to balance corporate accountability and economic growth.
February 1 Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Florida Georgia Indiana Iowa Kansas

The National Council of Insurance Legislators adopts a Colorado-inspired model for dental plans’ Medical-Loss Ratios, aiming for fairer premium spending on patient care.
January 30 Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Colorado Massachusetts West Virginia

DuPont, Chemours, and Corteva agree to pay $110 million to Ohio for environmental damage from PFAS chemicals used in a West Virginia facility, marking a significant legal resolution.
December 1, 2023 Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Litigation Property Delaware Ohio West Virginia

West Virginia Supreme Court’s ruling mandates insurers to cover long-tail illness claims, emphasizing the continuous trigger theory for policies expired years prior.
November 15, 2023 Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Risk Management West Virginia

Discover how a one-time reputable claims adjuster’s illicit actions led to a steep fall from grace, shedding light on the critical role of integrity in the claims industry.
October 24, 2023 Fraud Insurance Industry South Carolina West Virginia

The surge in claims corresponds with the fall, the mating season for deer, heightening the chance of vehicular collisions.
October 13, 2023 Auto Education & Training Insurance Industry West Virginia

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