The study by WhistleOut sheds light on the inconsistent distracted driving laws across the US, underscoring a call for more uniform regulations to enhance road safety.
  October 23   Live Insurance News Auto Legislation & Regulation Missouri Montana

Large parts of the world, including China and the Midwest US, are on track to become too hot for humans to handle as accelerating global temperatures expose billions to heat and humidity so extreme their bodies will no longer be able to cope, according to a new study.
  October 12   Accuweather Catastrophe Education & Training Risk Management Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Missouri

A St. Louis County jury has reached a staggering $745 million verdict in favor of the parents of Marissa Politte, a 25-year-old woman tragically killed in a sidewalk accident outside a Ballwin urgent care facility.
  September 12   Claims Pages Staff Liability Litigation Missouri

A Missouri jury awarded $27.4 million in a trial last week stemming from a 2018 Birmingham apartment fire. The jury found in favor of Maxus Metropolitan, which managed the Metropolitan Apartments in Birmingham.
  August 14 Litigation Property Missouri

Missouri Governor Mike Parson took a significant step in enhancing road safety last week by signing a bill that officially makes Missouri the 49th state to prohibit texting while driving.
  July 11   Claims Pages Staff Auto Legislation & Regulation Missouri

A Kansas City, MO, man who formerly lived in Columbia, MO, pleaded guilty in federal court to his role in a $1.1 million insurance fraud conspiracy that involved false claims of injuries suffered in car accidents, as well as to his role in a conspiracy to fraudulently obtain COVID-19 relief benefits.
  June 23   AutoBodyNews Auto Fraud Liability Missouri

Honda is recalling 563,711 older-model CR-Vs in 22 cold-weather states and Washington, D.C., because an accumulation of road salt can cause the vehicle’s rear trailing arm to corrode and detach, which could lead to a crash.
  April 10   NBC Auto Subrogation Connecticut Delaware District Of Columbia Illinois Iowa

A devastating tornado tore through southeastern Missouri on Wednesday morning, killing at least five people and leaving widespread destruction as authorities warned of more twisters.
  April 6   NBC News Property Kentucky Missouri

A case of first impression for the 8th circuit, in Ahern Rentals Inc. v. Inc. et al., 22-1399.-- (February 7, 2023) – prevailing the standard of today and held that allegations pled on information and belief are not categorically insufficient to state a claim for relief where the proof supporting the allegation is within the sole possession and control of the defendant or where the belief is based on sufficient factual material that makes the inference of culpability plausible.
  February 21   Tressler LLP Litigation Missouri

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled unanimously to overturn a lower court’s ruling and held that GEICO should have had a chance to weigh in sooner on the case, and sent the case back to the lower court for further discussion.
  January 26   Tressler LLP Auto Liability Litigation Missouri

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