Tesla Insurance customers report significant delays in claims processing and difficulties in communication, reflecting challenges in the insurer’s service.
  November 21   Insurance Journal Auto Insurance Industry Liability Litigation California Maryland Ohio

Formula One enthusiasts file a lawsuit against Las Vegas Grand Prix organizers for forcing early exit before practice session, seeking $30,000 in damages.
  November 20   Insurance Journal Insurance Industry Liability Litigation Risk Management Nevada

Amidst the forgery scandal involving Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings, the ex-CEO of a Florida museum countersues over allegations of wrongful termination and defamation.
  November 17   Insurance Journal Fraud Liability Litigation Property Florida

AI’s growing presence in law and insurance raises questions of reliability and the balance of technology and human judgment.
  November 16   CLM Education & Training Liability Litigation Technology New York

An Ohio appellate court has reignited a dog bite case, questioning the clarity of a homeowners’ insurance exclusion policy regarding dogs with a history of violence.
  November 15   Claims Journal Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Property Ohio

West Virginia Supreme Court’s ruling mandates insurers to cover long-tail illness claims, emphasizing the continuous trigger theory for policies expired years prior.
  November 15   Claims Journal Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Risk Management West Virginia

Footwear giant Nike filed federal lawsuits against New Balance and Skechers, accusing them of infringing patents related to Nike’s technology.
  November 7   Reuters Litigation Technology Underwriting California Massachusetts Oregon

Federal officials have charged four Minnesota men in a multi- million-dollar scheme to transport stolen catalytic converters to buyers in several states.
  November 2   Insurance Journal Auto Fraud Insurance Industry Litigation Colorado Minnesota New Jersey New York Oklahoma

CLM’s Transportation Community experts discuss virtual mediations and assessing the strength of the plaintiff’s attorney.
  October 31   CLM Auto Education & Training Insurance Industry Liability Litigation Illinois Massachusetts Pennsylvania

Erie Insurance defends its practice of telling agents to use subjective factors when judging a potential customer. Maryland regulators say the company sought to exclude Black and Hispanic people.
  October 30   New York Times Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Maryland New York Pennsylvania

A heated debate has emerged about the once-unimaginable shooting of a teacher by her 6-year-old student: How should the school district take care of the teacher?
  October 27   AP News Education & Training Legislation & Regulation Liability Litigation Workers' Compensation Virginia

A federal jury found Baylor University negligent in a Title IX lawsuit and awarded $270,000 to a former student who alleged she was physically abused.
  October 26   Insurance Journal Education & Training Litigation Texas

Zurich American Insurance Co. may pursue a subrogation lawsuit against a subcontractor that it says forced it to pay a nearly $3 million builder’s risk claim.
  October 25   Claims Journal Legislation & Regulation Litigation Property Subrogation Workers' Compensation Illinois

We have seen many changes to the traditional jury trial over the past few years due to COVID-19, but the realm of civil litigation is poised for yet another transformative journey.
  October 23   The CLM Education & Training Litigation Technology

A settlement has been reached with Litana Development Inc. for endangering workers by exposing them to high-voltage power lines at a Paterson site during 2021 and 2022.
  October 23   Claims Page Staff Legislation & Regulation Litigation Workers' Compensation New Jersey

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