Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize workers compensation claims, with AI teams providing holistic support to human adjusters.
May 10 Insurance Industry Risk Management Technology Workers' Compensation

A new report by the Workers Compensation Research Institute highlights a 5-6% increase in work-related accidents when temperatures exceed 90 degrees, particularly in the southern U.S. and construction industry.
May 10 Insurance Industry Life & Health Risk Management Workers' Compensation

The Iowa Court of Appeals reverses a premature summary judgment in a case involving a staffing agency worker injured by a forklift.
May 10 Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Litigation Workers' Compensation Iowa

The latest NYC Construction Safety Report reveals a significant reduction in fatalities but an uptick in worker injuries, highlighting both progress and ongoing safety challenges in the construction sector.
May 8 Insurance Industry Property Workers' Compensation New York

At Wegmans, AI technology has slashed litigation rates and improved response times in workers’ compensation claims, leading to faster, more effective treatment.
May 8 Insurance Industry Litigation Risk Management Technology Workers' Compensation New York

Insurance adjusters express concerns over increasing claim volumes and the impact on work-life balance, highlighting industry challenges.
May 7 Insurance Industry Property Technology Workers' Compensation Texas

Sentry’s recent report underscores the significant effect of behavioral health on workers’ compensation claims, urging early intervention.
May 7 Life & Health Risk Management Technology Workers' Compensation Wisconsin

A comprehensive review of 2023 highlights reduced prescription costs and significant declines in opioid use within the insurance industry.
May 2 Life & Health Risk Management Technology Workers' Compensation

Progressive Insurance is set to recruit over 10,000 employees across the U.S. in 2024, expanding its workforce to support customer growth.
April 29 Education & Training Insurance Industry Technology Workers' Compensation

Jorge Maldonado, owner of Pro-Care Building Maintenance, has been ordered to pay nearly $700,000 in restitution for underreporting employee numbers to reduce workers’ comp premiums.
April 29 Fraud Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Workers' Compensation California

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that employers can reimburse injured workers for medical marijuana, clarifying that this does not constitute a federal offense.
April 26 Legislation & Regulation Liability Life & Health Workers' Compensation Pennsylvania

A Florida appeals court ruled that employers cannot deny a workers’ compensation claim as not work-related and then claim immunity from tort lawsuits for the same incident.
April 26 Legislation & Regulation Liability Risk Management Workers' Compensation Florida

In 2024, healthcare experienced a digital transformation, with a sharp increase in telehealth use and wellness technologies reshaping patient care.
April 25 Life & Health Technology Workers' Compensation

A recent ruling by the West Virginia Supreme Court mandates that preexisting conditions should not reduce disability awards unless total permanent disability is involved.
April 24 Legislation & Regulation Litigation Risk Management Workers' Compensation West Virginia

A former sheriff used part of a taxpayer-funded workers’ compensation settlement to pay for damages caused during a DUI crash.
April 22 Insurance Industry Liability Workers' Compensation Minnesota

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