Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O) was accused in a proposed class action lawsuit on Tuesday of misusing vast amounts of personal information and copyrighted material to train its artificial intelligence systems.
  July 12   Reuters Litigation

The discovery of the imploded submersible ‘Titan’ has prompted questions regarding OceanGate Expeditions’ liability. While jurisdictional issues and waivers signed by passengers may hinder a lawsuit, misrepresentation of safety could offer a potential legal route. Yet, the company’s possible financial demise following the disaster could render lawsuits moot.
  July 11   SciTechDaly Liability Litigation

Talk to anyone in claims management, and they’ll tell you the same thing: This particular branch of the industry is here to help produce the best outcomes for policyholders.
  July 11   Risk & Insurance Insurance Industry Litigation Risk Management

Insurance companies have lost control of their claims frequency and the use of technology enabled claims instigation practices to drive more claims through litigation has become a significant social inflationary threat to the industry... .
  July 7   Artemis Litigation Technology

A California Court of Appeal decision in April could change the landscape for those defending bodily injury claims, potentially preventing defendants from obtaining the mental examinations that they are entitled to as a matter of law.
  July 6   CLM Magazine Litigation California

In a legal battle that sheds light on crucial aspects of cyber insurance, the University of California has initiated a lawsuit against insurance companies operating in the Lloyd’s of London market.
  July 5   Claims Pages Staff Excess & Surplus Lines Litigation

As tranquil instrumental music plays over gauzy images of nature, a woman’s voice-over begins. ‘Isn’t it a paradox,’ she wonders aloud, ‘that the love for this world that gets us out in it, sometimes leaves behind the things that can harm it? Flight by flight... ."
  June 30   Bloomberg Litigation

We are all aware, some painfully so, of banner headline jury verdicts. They have now breached the $1 billion threshold and are ubiquitous in the news, on billboards, in airports, and just about everywhere else. We also know how we got here... .
  June 29   CLM Magazine Litigation

In recent years, the use of Google Earth’s satellite imagery has become an increasingly common method for locating or viewing specific addresses. Google Earth uses high-resolution cameras to obtain satellite images, which gives users a bird’s eye view of nearly any location in the world.
  June 28   JD Supra Litigation Property

On June 27, the US Supreme Court upheld an unusual Pennsylvania law that allows plaintiffs to sue corporations in state court over disputes that have no direct connection to the state.
  June 28   Bloomberg Law Litigation

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